Sunday, April 12, 2015

Our District - Our New Friends

This is our district. We had all of our small classes this past week with these new friends. All the Senior missionaries were divided into smaller groups called districts. Our teacher, Sis. Frandsen is in the middle. She was a wonderful teacher. Lots of fun too. From the far left, Elder and Sister Adair were going to Martin's Cove, WY to a church pioneer handcart historical site. They will be helping with hundreds of youth that will be recreating pioneer handcart treks over the summer. The next couple, Elder and Sister Parry will be living in their home and giving support to the local missionaries. The third couple from the left, Elder and Sister Martin are going to be serving in the Toronto Mission office. Then there is Elder and Sister Walton - but you knew that already!

Sister Baer, in the middle, was our afternoon teacher. She was helpful, fun and kind. These pictures were taken on the last day of our first week in the MTC. The Adair's were leaving that evening but the rest of us will in the MTC Monday thru Wed for office or visitor's center training. And what a small world - later when my daughter Rebecca saw this picture she called us right away because Rebecca recognized "Sis. Baer" as a student she taught at Timberline Middle School about 7 years ago. Cool! Rebecca taught Kelsey and she has now taught us!


  1. The MTC is such a good experience. Those returned missionaries are such good teachers. You are going to love your mission!! They will be so glad to have you there too. We sold Dad's house this last week. He's happy about that and so are we. Love you, Elder & Sister Draper