Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bryce (Elder Walton) working in Webb's Blacksmith Shop!

In the blacksmith shop you demo making small "horseshoes" and "prairie diamonds". It takes quite a bit of practise to get good at it. 

Skilled blacksmiths made tools, latches, candleholders, horse and oxen shoes and iron parts needed to build wagons. 

In 1846, under the Lord's direction, Brigham Young asked the Saints to build wagons and prepare to leave Nauvoo. 


  1. This makes me want to go back to Nauvoo SO BADLY!!! This is AWESOME!!!!

  2. Elder Walton, You look right at home!! Hope all is well. Elder and Sister Martin

  3. How long will you be in the blacksmith shop? Do you ever have to rotate or will this be your permanent home? What an amazing experience. We can't wait to see you at it in july!