Monday, April 6, 2015

Missionary Training Center - Here We Come!

We entered the MTC (Missionary Training Center) at 10:45am on April 6th, 2015! Neither of us were nervous - just excited! Checking in was very well organized. It is amazing being here! After we checked in and took our bags to our room, we, along with 97 other Senior missionaries that arrived today, were warmly welcomed by the MTC mission presidency and their wives. 

After our orientation, we had to get a picture by "the map" while we pointed to Nauvoo, Illinois. 

During some free time, we had a chance to walk around a bit. In the main foyer, they had a first edition Book of Mormon on display that would have been published in 1830.

They also had the original plaque that so impressed President David O. McKay in 1898 when he served as a young missionary in Scotland.  He was homesick and this saying motivated him. It was donated to the church in 1965. 

The next 2 pictures are taken in the main foyer. Tomorrow, our classes and training start at 8am and end, including breaks and meals, at 4:30pm. After that we have free time. Senior missionaries have alot of freedom compared to the young missionaries: we can have cell phones and laptops; we can go anywhere in the area by bus or our car; we can visit family/friends; or even go shopping if we need someting. 

The feeling here is welcoming and enthusiastic. Everyone is eager to serve in whatever area of the world they've been called to - some to Australia, some to South Africa, some to eastern Europe, and some to various parts of the USA. Today, the talks were motivating and inspiring - we were spiritually fed.  

They sure treat the Senior Missionaries well. As you can see, our room at the MTC (with our own bathroom) is very nice! 


  1. Thanks for posting all this!! So fun to see all these great pictures and hear about it all!

  2. WHAT?!!! They really spoil the senior couples. Are you sure that's your room at the MTC?!!

    :) haha I'm glad you guys are comfortable. Just sayin' that's NOT the room I slept in when I was there.

    1. Wait until you are old ... then you get special treatment. :)