Sunday, April 19, 2015

Hello Nauvoo - Our New Home!

We knew we were close to Nauvoo because this was our first glimpse of the Mississippi. On the other side of the river is Illinois. The buildings you see in the picture is a restored fort at Fort Madison, Iowa.  

Ta-Da!!! Goodbye Iowa...hello Illinois! 

We were getting pretty excited by this point. 

The Nauvoo Temple greeted us first! What a beautiful sight! So much history!

The statues of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum Smith face the Temple. It is a poignant location for this statue. Joseph and Hyrum rode out of Nauvoo on what was, in fact, their last view of Nauvoo and the Temple. Within a few days, they were murdered at Carthage, Illinois on June 27, 1844. 

Our new home - the upstairs apartment with our entrance in the back. We love it! The foundation is early 1900's but it has all the modern conveniences including a dishwasher who is standing by the tree. 

Our District leaders had a welcome note and supper waiting for us! We were very grateful to be taken care of after moving all our stuff in. 

This is our kitchen. To the left of the table is a pantry.  

This is our living room. Behind that chair on the left is the unfinished attic with more storage. 

Bedroom with two huge closets, a chest of drawers and a mirrored dresser. 

One of our first things to do so it would feel like home was to put all our photos up of our family.

These are the closeets in the bedroom. Nice, eh?

We are so happy with our little apartment and we love being here in Nauvoo. 

Then tonight, Sunday, all the Nauvoo missionaries dressed in our historic clothes and went to Richardson's Point to see a newly restored area along the Mormon Trail. This is Bryce and I standing with Sister Olsen (some may remember her as Elizabeth Davies) from Calgary. She is also a missionary in Nauvoo. Monday we will have an orientation, Tuesday we "audition" for parts in the various plays and we'll also be assigned a cast -one of three - that perform "Rendezvous in Old Nauvoo" nightly. Wednesday we start assignments at various historic homes here. We will talk to visitors about the history of the Saints and the faith they had in Jesus Christ that supported them thru trial and challenges.  Bryce and I appreciate their examples. Our faith in the Savior Jesus Christ has supported and strengthened us in our difficult times as well. 


  1. How exciting!! Your place looks really great! So excited for you guys!

  2. What a cute apartment!!! You guys look great--- ;-)

  3. Your apartment is darling and a little different than ours is here. ;) Ours is cute too if you say it quick. I do have a similar dishwasher here though. It will nice to be there with Elizabeth (Davies) Olsen. I love her. Say 'hi' to her for me please. They are going to love having you there and you are in for such a great time. I hope you get a great skit or two. Some of them are so cute and some of them are very touching. We stopped in Nauvoo on our way home from our mission in Florida but don't think we'll be ale to do that this time. What a disappointment. We could have had so much fun!! I hope your family all come to see you while you are there though. They treat the families of missionaries so well. We went when Mom and Dad were there.

  4. Thanks for posting! I love seeing more about Nauvoo and the people there! I believe my daughter is companions with your niece! My daughter is Sister Tietjen.:)