Thursday, May 26, 2016

In And Around Nauvoo!

The Lucy Mack Smith home is open and if Bryce had his way... would be called the Joseph Bates Noble house - after all Joseph built it and he IS Bryce's 2nd great grandfather!

We thought we'd stop in at the Riser Boot Shop but nothing too serious was going on there.

I've served at Brigham's home many times and thought we'd check on the....

... two baby robins on the window ledge just outside the counsel room window. Cute!  

We'd never been in the above ground cellar at Brigham's home. It was cool and comfortable. 

By Lyon's Drug Store, we spotted a bee in the herb garden. Too bad we hadn't our bee box with us!

This homey picture is of the side door of the Mansion house. 

This lovely creature was donated to historic Nauvoo and will add a new dimension to our "rides"! 

Nope, just kidding! These two camels live near the small town of Kahoka, Missouri 20 minutes away from Keokuk, Iowa. They were actually for sale but we didn't think we could get them home to Canada at the end of our mission!

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