Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Pre-Farewell to Nauvoo ---- We're Moved to Carthage!

We have a new assignment and will now serve daily at the Historic Carthage Jail and Visitor's Center. As a result, we physically moved from our lovely upstairs apartment at 920 Hotchkiss.  Our move brought feelings of "leaving Nauvoo" even though we had 4 months to go! So, to celebrate our time thus far in the Illinois Nauvoo Mission, we thought it would be nice to reminisce a bit. 

Elder Walton made some improvements in the front garden while we'd been here. The first picture of the house is when we first arrived... and this picture above is 14 months later. TA-DAAA a beautiful garden.

While living in Nauvoo we made friends with the cardinals.

Elder Walton pounded rods into recognizable shapes, preferably small horseshoes.

Sis. Walton can't be "sterotyped" as your typical print-shop apprentice. She minds her "p"s and her "q"s, doesn't rearrange the furniture and knows what it really means to "cut to the chase". 

Elder Walton fit right in at the  Browning Gun shop as everything there is really old. 

Elder Walton welcomed many to George Riser's shop, 

and after the tour gave everyone "the boot".  

At the Post Office, Sis. Walton told many about the 1840's postage problems. Remember, there is never a problem with "knee-mail" (prayer). 

 We sometimes served together in the Family Living Center. Sis. Walton borrowed the "take-home" shawl loom and made 2 shawls at home. 

Elder Walton had a barrel of fun showing how a cooper plied his craft.  

Brick making is an ongoing work of art. Each brick receives personalized attention. In the 1840's it took 40,000 bricks to make a small home at a cost of 2 cents each.   

These souvenir bricks are made by the missionaries everyday and they stock up in the winter months. They have to stay ahead of all the visitors. 

Sis. Walton got cultured at the Cultural Hall. Even though we now live in Carthage, we still perform  in "Rendezvous" (on this stage) and "Sunset" (the outdoor stage). That's a total of 4 shows a week.

Sis. Walton's favorite places to serve were the homes of Brigham Young, John Taylor,  this pictured here - the home of Heber C. Kimball. 

 Elder Walton discovered that he likes pottery and might just take a class or two when he gets home.  He also learned how to make rugs on a loom. (see below)

The Land and Records site was Sis. Walton's "second home". (Note: relaxed position for photo only)

This was our temporary apartment until the apartment in Carthage was vacated. The Horlachers were moving into our old place and we moved into their place in Carthage. It actually all worked out well. 

This is the Bushnell House and it has 5 apartments in it - two apartments on the main floor, 2 on the second floor and one on the third floor. Our spacious apartment is on the main floor. 

We now take tours through historic Carthage Jail recounting its history and the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum on 27 June 1844.  It is a place of peace even though something sad happened here 172 years ago because we remember them and their accomplishments. In the Prophet Joseph's short life of 38 years he accomplished all that our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ asked him to do. He restored the gospel of Jesus Christ along with His priesthood which is the authority to act in God's name. He translated the ancient record - the Book of Mormon-which stands as a second witness of Jesus Christ. Through the Prophet Joseph, all the covenants and ordinances necessary for all of God's children to be able to return to Him were restored. Joseph truly  the "Prophet of the Restoration". 

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  1. Great photos and commentary! Bryce is quite the gardener! I hope the next couples keep it up.