Sunday, January 31, 2016

Remembering Naida Ruby Harding Walton - age 92

Not unexpectedly, Bryce's mom passed away on 9 Jan 2016. It was her 92nd birthday. She would have been happily reunied with her loving husband Ken Walton and her parents. She had not seen her mother for eighty years since her mother passed away when Mom was 12 years old. What a birthday present!!! Happy Day! Bryce and I were able to fly home from Nauvoo to attend the funeral. We were very happy to be able to celebrate her life. She will be missed and remembered.

Mom was a loving wife, a painter,  a friend,  a family album-keeper, a great grandmother...

... a game-player, a loving mother, an avid quilter, a fun grandmother, a singer and choir director, a talented poetess and valiant daughter of our Heavenly Father. We honor and love her.  

The Walton siblings: Bryce, Dianne, Jim, Janet, Jim

The Sandy and Bryce Walton Clan who attended the funeral: (back row from left) Kim and Finlay, Bryce,  David, Austin (hiding), Andrew, Joanne, Brad, Jenna, Annelisa, Kyle, Mark and Daniele. (front row from left) Sandy, Zoie, Nixen, Laila, and Rylin.

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