Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas in Nauvoo!

Christmas in Nauvoo was wonderful! We've never received so many Christmas cards and goodies ever before - and all from the Senoir missionaires we love and serve with!

After the many wonderful Nauvoo Christmas activites that we enjoyed participating in - Christmas Walk, Handel's Messiah, and The Miracle of Christmas program -  it was nice just sitting at home cozy and warm on the 24th (our Prep-day) and Christmas Day. Then, because of technology -  our kids and grandkids were "face to face" with us!  We watched the kiddos practise walking, open their gifts, do tricks and be goofy! Almost like being there but without the mess and the dishes! (Blatant plug for you senoir couples out there to go on a mission!)

The mission hosted a wonderful ham dinner on Christmas Day followed by a short program. Bryce was the MC of the program and he wrote a poem for the occasion. Hope you all enjoy it! 

All in all, this was a Christmas to be fondly remembered! 

The Rescue                 December 2015                                   by Elder Bryce Walton

Santa’s sleigh ‘s on outside of town, Completely broken down.
And Rudolf’s crashed the whole team so they’re tangled on the ground.
If Rudolf had just seen the lighted Temple on the hill,
He wouldn’t have hit that silo where all the gifts would spill.

Oh glory goodness, what a mess, now what would Santa do?
He’d have to get them out of there before the night was through.
And what of all the children who lived in Nauvoo town.
He could not bear to see a single face that had a frown.

Now not to far away President Gibbons watched the sky
He thought for just a minute he’d seen Santa’s sleigh go by.
Yes, there was a trail of stardust but it suddenly took a dip.
Oh what if Santa Clause had crashed and couldn’t complete the trip.

He tried to use the Internet but that thing never worked.
I guess I’ll use the telephone he nodded with a jerk.
President Venkeer and President Hyte got quickly out of bed.
It sounded like the President thought Santa Clause was dead.
His counselors soon got to work to notify the troops.
Have the District Leaders gather them in groups. 

We had better wake the teamsters and get them out of bed,
And we’ll need the sleigh and horses especially Mic and Ned.
By now all lights in houses were on in town and flats
And all were grabbing tools as they donned coats and hats.

Zone leaders called the Districts and they called every one
The Senior Missionaries were all moving on the run.
But oh when they arrived upon the crash site what a start.
Packages were everywhere, all harnesses torn apart.
The reindeer were exhausted; they lay as in a daze
And all the reigns and traces were tangled in a maze

When all the sewing room sisters arrived upon the scene
They saw that Santa’s great big bag was torn from seam to seam.
Quick, grab your threads and needles; we’ll fix up that old pack
Then everyone pick up the gifts and help us put them back.

There’s no time now to fix this mess the Teamster boss cried out

Now Santa’s sleigh is broken so he’ll have to use our sleigh
We’ll hook it to the horses then he’ll be on his way.

Now the Belgians did not know that it would be a busy night
It would be somewhat difficult without the gift of flight.
To speed them on their way we will need to say a prayer
But Santa sprinkled stardust and they rose into the air.

Whoever had seen 8 Belgians adrift upon the sky.
Mythical beasts I hear you say but I see them flying by
Now off they went into the air to finish Santa’s run.

But without the missionaries he’d never have gotten it done.


  1. Thank You! I love serving with you... and looking across the street and seeing your light on and imagining you are relaxing and doing missionary stuff. I'm so happy you shared this poem. It was part of a wonderful Christmas day!