Friday, May 1, 2015

Photos around Nauvoo

It's the time of year that the dogwood flowers. We've seen them in pink and white. 

We were up by the Nauvoo Temple last night. 

The statues of Joseph and Hyrum Smith look so real in this light. 

This is the view of the Temple from the East side. 

This is a statue at the Old Nauvoo Cemetery.

There are only a few markers left at the Cemetery. From journals, they have a very good idea of who was buried here but it's not known exactly where they are buried.  

You can see the huge lock that lets the tugs and barges through. 

This is a part of the dam across the Mississippi at Keokuk, Iowa. 

On Sunday afternoon, we drove to Carthage, Illinois. Behind the statue of Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum is the Carthage Jail where they were both martyred by a mob 27 June 1844.

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  1. thanks for the beautiful pictures that remind me of Nauvoo. I've been to all those sights, even the locks. I love the statues!!! We attended the temple there on our way home from our mission in Florida. what beauty in the spring!! I have not seen the dogwoods and they are spectacular!! Having a good time here and there, right? Love you both!