Thursday, May 7, 2015

Both of us at the Nauvoo Family Living Center!

One of the 6 learning areas at this site is how the Saints made bread. Bread was a staple to them - just like their faith in Jesus Christ as the Bread of Life. These loaves I'm kneading get baked in an "oven" built into the fireplace. The guests get samples of this delicious bread made daily by missionaries just like me. 

I caught Elder Walton explaining how barrels were made. It was a 7 year apprenticeship to become a Cooper (barrel maker)! Some of the other sites are pottery, candle-making and weaving.  

Between guests, I learned how to make a shawl pioneer-style. It was alot of fun weaving that long hook over and under the cross yarns. 

Rugs and table runners are made on these looms. It takes 3 hours to load the loom with over 300 threads.

Lots of guests like making their own rope with this awesome "rope-maker"- Elder Walton and the cool contraption he's working with. 


  1. You are doing a great job of keeping up your blog. We enjoy hearing about what you are doing and seeing the pictures. Keep up the good works . . . the crowds of people are on their way.

  2. This was't there when I was there the last time. I did see rope making at Martin's Cove I think it was but the shawl is cool thing. Take a good picture of it so Neil can see it to maybe make me one when we get home. I love the looms too. I think you are just playing there. haha Glenda