Sunday, April 10, 2016

Annual Hot Dog Roast and Prairie Fire in Nauvoo

This is the south side of the prairie grass block that is the site of the controlled grass fire each year in historic Nauvoo. At the end of the summer this grass was 7-8 feet tall. It has been matted down through the winter months. 

Lots of people show up. This is just one part. The fire dept. is there to to supervise. 

Looking at the picture below, they started the fire from the far corner. The man in the bottom right has gone from that far corner to start the fire. And boy was it hot. We all stood withing 20 feet of it just commenting on the height of the flames. That quickly changed to backing up as fast as we could. 


  1. This event would help one to better comprehend the danger that the settlers might experience every year. The video did not come up for me.
    So glad for you that you've been able to serve a mission together! God bless!