Saturday, March 5, 2016

Cookies and Cardinals

Sister Skinner and I welcomed 49 people into the Scovil Bakery today. We were able to tell everyone a little about his life. He had several challenges but relied on his faith in Jesus Christ and on the knowledge that he would see his loved ones who had passed away again - for we know families can be together forever! Of course, no visit to the bakery would be complete without a cookie. 

Now to tell you about the Cardinals. This is one of the many birds that come to eat at the "Walton feeder" every day. We watch them out of our eating area window. 

Notice the female cardinal hidden on the side of the tree. 

Later she is joined by a woodpecker who also likes to eat out of the feeder. 

It's so fun to watch the birds. We've also seen bluejays and robins - Spring is coming!

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