Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Celebrations Nauvoo Style

Our Valentine's Celeberations started early and lasted 3 days! (well almost) On Friday, Bryce made us lunch and look what he made! I've never had a face sandwich before, nor have I ever made one. He hadn't either. Cool! 

Then he surprised me with some beautiful roses. Hopefully, these last until Feb. 22nd for our wedding anniversary! 

Then we went out to dinner in Burlington, about 30 min away. We went with Sis. Joines and Sis. Webb so we could introduce them to our friend who works at a restaurant there. She has newly moved to the area and wants to come back to church. Sis. Webb and Joines serve in the Burlington ward on Sundays and we wanted them to meet. So after a delicious meal, we headed back to Nauvoo for the 8pm Valentine's fun. It started with a chocolate, caramel and vanilla fruit dipping frenzy and the munching included heart shaped sandwiches and cookies. Doesn't get much better than iced homemade sugar cookies with sprinkles!  

Then we had a concert by the Ukelele Buddies who have been practicing the ukelele for several months. This was their performance debut! Quite impressive! 

Then we danced the Viginia Reel. That was fun once we figured out our right do-se-do from our left do-si-do! Not as easy as you might think! 

Then some played 1840's games and some headed over to the original Nauvoo Cultural Hall for a dance. We even had live music. It was a thrill (really) to walk into that historic place thinking of all those who had walked on the same planks. 

This is us learning the Spanish Waltz. Thanks to the Winns who got a video of it but you'll have to go onto Sandy Walton's facebook page to see it. Bryce and I actually got the Spanish Waltz down by the very end. We're even in the video. 

This is a picuture of... yup... feet. But it's the historic planks that the feet are resting on that is the important part of this picture. We took a similar picture 8 years or so ago when we came with our family. It was a thrill then and it was a thrill last night. We love being in Nauvoo. Our goal is to let Nauvoo and the amazing stories of those early Saints change us forever. Those who come to visit may or may not know this might happen to them too. But if they let it,  it does. Being here and remembering the courage and faith the early Saints had, helps strengthen mine. Love it!

Today is actually Valentine's Day and Bryce and I are serving in Riser Boot Shop. We've had no visitor's today - probably deterred by the 4 inches of snow. But we have enjoyed emailing some of the visitor's we've met here in Nauvoo.  We may have also emailed a few family too. One thing we liked to shared was the link to the Provo City Center Temple open house. It's an amazing link to watch and share with our friends. It's like being there. Maybe you have someone you'd like to email it to as well. They might even ask you some questions about it. That's OK to!


  1. You are great missionaries! Love your enthusiasm and posts.

  2. You'll have to show off your new dance moves when you get home.I agree with Loretta, GREAT missionaries.