Wednesday, October 7, 2015

We Love Being Missionaries!

We love being missionaries here in Nauvoo! You know, sometimes people come to Nauvoo and they didn't even know it was here. They were out for a weekend drive and happened upon it. They often take a wagon ride that gives them an overview of Historic Nauvoo.
One day, Sandy met a couple in the Lands and Records Office who had just discovered they had a Mormon ancestor who lived in Nauvoo. They had no idea and decided to drive 3 hours to get here to see what it was all about! They were so curious about our beliefs because their ancestor had believed the same things. They accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon too. It was a great experience. 

One day this summer, Bryce gave a tour in the Family Living Center to a youth group of about 25 people. His demonstration was how the early Saints made ropes but there is always a spiritual message too. Some of the group got to participate and when the rope was finished, Bryce pointed out the loose strands that were sticking out all along the length of the rope.  These individual strands could be easily broken off. It was dramatic to see the single strand be broken off and then fall to the ground. The lesson is that that we need to be woven tightly together with others in our youth groups or our families. We are stronger as we strengthen each other. 

Another day, Sandy met a couple who had just driven into Nauvoo and knew nothing about it. She pointed out the Nauvoo Temple to them. It turned into a touching conversation about the early Mormon Saints who built the original Temple here and their incredible faith. They were interested in the restoration of the priesthood and that we can be joined as families even after death.