Monday, March 2, 2015

Mission Farewell

February 22, 2015 was a big day! It was our 13th Wedding Anniversary (yeah!) and our Mission Farewell. 
Both Bryce and I spoke in church.

Some of our family came to wish us well. Between us, we have 10 kids and will have 17 grandkids by the end of March.  We're very happy to have Skype and Facetime! My cousin Evalee and her husband Andrew with Maggie and Xavier also came to say goodbye and our neighbors Mike, Monique with Alexander and Kimberly. (sorry no picture)

Zoie, Nixen and Cassidy(Currie)

                                It was great having David, Zoie, and Nixen there.                                        

Andrew surprised us by dropping by. 

Extra special was to see Janis and Neal. Janis and I have been friends for 55 years!

Barry and Shannon and Val dropped by to see us off.

We enjoyed seeing David and Sharon.

It was fun to see June, Mom, Sandy and Greg.

We had fun visiting Jane and Pres. Bennett...

and Elizabeth and Jeff. 

On March 8th, we'll be set apart as missionaries of 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. March 10th we leave. Wow!

 We are getting very excited!  


  1. We would have been there if we could have to share your special day!! You are about to begin an adventure of a lifetime. You will be so happy serving in Nauvoo. It is a very special place!! You will feel the presence of the pioneers there. We wish you well and express love to you both!! We are happy serving here too. Heavenly Father is so generous with His blessings!! It is wonderful to be a missionary. Love, Elder and Sister Draper

  2. What a wonderful day to celebrate your farewell! I wish we were there to celebrate with you--- I concur with Sister Draper the mission field is the best place to be and the Lord does bless you as you serve. I love Nauvoo it is a magical place with the spirit of the pioneers ever present --you and Bryce will be amazing missionaries and Nauvoo is blessed to have you there. Love Sister and Elder Stewart